I Had Lost For The First Time

That day, I had lost for the first time, 
But at that time I didn’t know that it was a loss.

That time I was doing something,
Others were doing something and, 

After a while, they got appreciated, got attention, and new friends, because of what they were doing,
But the case was not the same for me, 
After the same amount of mentioned time, I didn’t get appreciated that way, didn’t get the attention that way and the number of my friends didn’t increase that way. 

That time, I got a feeling which I think now that was of ‘loss’, 
That was my first loss and I was a child then.

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Those Dreams…

Those days of my childhood made me dream about many things
Those dreams had made me so happy those days

When the dreams were done making me happy, 
They pushed me to share those dreams with others to make others happy too.

But the dreams didn’t know that they can’t make everyone happy,
Like I didn’t know the same as a child.

When I shared those dreams with the ones near me, 
They had responses that were so different from mine. 

Before I had shared those dreams and the dreams, was not much
Those dreams got further away due to the responses of those.

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You Don’t Know Why He Was Weird That Day

You don’t know why he was weird that day
You don’t know how there were forces around him forcing him to be that weird

You don’t know why he can’t have that smile for a long time,
You don’t know how much he wants to have that smile for a great amount of time 
While trying to raise his time of smile, he has to go through unexpected encounters which stresses his mind and stops the smile.

You don’t know his past, the situations and the people he has to deal with,
You don’t know how much he tries to get away from those situations, people, and his past.

You don’t know how much of a journey is going to take him to get away from those strings attached to him with them and those,
He hasn’t given up yet and trying hard no matter what you know and don’t know.

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You Continue Doing It Another Day

You work on something,
You continue doing it another day,
Then you do it the next day too,
Then you continue till the next year to many more years 

And in between, 
Comes the disappointment,
Maybe depression,
You grow up with your perseverance,
You get a little unexpected success while doing it as a routine,
You get a pattern,
The Pattern works for you, 
Suddenly the pattern doesn’t work,
Then, failure(s), 
You still work on it,
You get little successes, little failure(s)

The journey continues….
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When Someone Cares For You…

It feels nice when someone cares for you
How to and what to tell them at times when the ‘care’ gets too much around you and affects your movement

Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve the ‘care’ and at those times I try to stay away from it
I don’t think I can care about them as much they care about me

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It Was With Me A Few Days Back

It was with me a few days back,
It was not one of the things
Which I used to look upon the most
When I couldn’t find it with me,
At that moment,
It became the thing that was vital to me the most.

It reminded me that something whether big or small
Which is part of anything, does make a difference in that ‘anything’ to work
When you don’t find that part whether small or large,
It does make a difference too but in a different way.

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Can You Please Help Me With This?

A lady asked a guy, “Can you please help me with this?”

The Guy replied (while leaving what he was doing at that moment for a moment), “Yes, why not.”

The next day, the lady asked the same question to the guy while he was doing something. The guy replied, “But….. okay I would do it.”

The lady asking something to the guy and the guy doing it, had become an everyday thing and the guy was feeling frustrated about the same as he couldn’t find a way for denying to her. One day while the lady was asking the same to the guy, the guy took out the frustration of all those days on the lady that day. The people who were around at the place where the guy was taking out his frustration on the lady, were talking to each other about how arrogant the guy was being while talking to that woman. One of them said, “This guy doesn’t have the manners to talk to a lady.”

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Are You In A Relationship? If so…

Are you in a relationship?
If so, then are you in the same 
Because almost everyone around you is in the same kind of relationship?

How is your life being in that relationship?
Is it better 
Was it better before the relationship?

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Those Memories….

I was going well on my way
But why did my mind take me towards those memories again?

After doing a good amount of work which I like to do, I was having a nice break
But when I saw a thing related to my past during the break,
Why did I get the will, excitement, and time to go through those old memories again?

I had planned for many things related to work after the little break
But why did those memories take away the excitement of my plans and made me a little short of happiness again?

Somehow when I managed to get into the things which I had planned to after the break
why were those memories in bits and pieces still playing around in my mind slowing the pace of the things which I had planned after the break?

After managing my works and those memories in my mind,
I had some stuff in my mind which I had to work on
But why couldn’t I realize how those memories changed my plans and made me work on the changed plans again?

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I Had Felt Bad

I had felt bad,
But I didn’t show it
As I didn’t want you to be sad.

You wanted the thing
Which I also had wanted
But you were the one
Who got what you wanted

It wasn’t easy to hide that feeling
But I had to as
I didn’t want to ruin what you were feeling

Liars are those who
Say that they don’t go through that feeling,
The truth is that some show and some hide that feeling

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The Person Had Promised Him Something

He knew that person since before,
the person had promised him something 
for the sake of knowing the person since before.

Now, the day had arrived for fulfilling the promise which was made before,
But the person was short of some stuff to reach the mark about which he had thought before.

Then arrived the one that day who had been promised by the person before.
He asked the person about the thing with so much excitement which the person had promised before.

With disappointment on his face the person told him about himself being short of the promise which he had made before.
It did disappoint him a little but he didn’t get furious as he knew the person since before,
And he saw on the person’s face the effort and the disappointment of not getting to the promise he had made before.

He told the person that still your effort can be helpful to me right now but please get that done as you had promised before,
Then the person told him that it would have been so much better if everyone like you would have seen the effort required for the promise made before.

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